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Szabolcs Nótin

Szabolcs Nótin

digital marketing adviser

Marketing21 Digital Marketing Agency

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Located in Budapest, developing business worldwide

Welcome to Marketing21! We provide innovative online marketing solutions for customers in Hungary, Europe and worldwide. Our advertising solutions help growing your business and turning your ideals into reality. We only belive in numb3rs, reports and clear analysis. If you are looking for a marketing service provider that loves straight talk and facts do not hesitate to contact us!

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Agency Budapest - Search ads

Google AdWords Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Ads at the right place at the right time. Your business will be found by customers at the moment when they are searching for your services or products. AdWords offers PPC ads therefore you will be charged by clicks.

Budapest Display NetWork Advertising Marketing

Google AdWords Display Network Ads

Google Display Network offers ads on more than two million sites. Youtube videos and Android apps are also available for advertisers to share their message with customers. Businesses can reach 90% of Internet users by excellent targeting and remarketing solutions.

Online advertising Budapest - Marketing21 SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Spending a huge amount of money on PPC ads is not the only way to connect to your customers. Marketing21 Digital Marketing Agency helps its clients reaching higher Google ranking. Organic traffic boosts businesses in an effective and long-lasting way. Invest in it and develop to the next stage!

Digital Marketing Budapest - Analytics

Web Analytics

We believe in numbers because measurement means control: control over budget and over effectiveness. If you work with Marketing21 you will get instant, weekly and monthly reports and you will be aware of campaign quality. Transparency is one of the foremost values we share.

Digital Marketing Budapest - Facebook ads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the largest and most effective social network. Innovative businesses can not miss the opportunity to reach customers on the platform that they use every day. Detailed tartgeting, remarketing and many ad types ensure the effectiveness.

Digital Marketing Budapest - Content Development

Content marketing

Do you have enough time and energy to build professional content for your site, blog or e-mail marketing campaigns? If the answer is not YES, outsource it to professionals who really love and know content development! Instant blog articles will arrive on time and you do not have to waste your time anymore!

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